Zyxel Personal Cloud Storage [2-Bay Disk-Less] for Home with Remote Access and Media Streaming [NAS326]



The ZyXEL NAS326 gives you the ability to access your cloud storage anytime and anywhere. With the Zyxel family of apps, you can easily backup your photos, view and share your videos and photos, allow friends and family remote access to their own storage space, or stream videos to your Smart TV, FireTV, Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast device. The ZyXEL NAS326 is equipped with a high performance processor to provide up to 105 MB/sec reading data 105 MB/sec in writing data. Instantly retrieve data from your mobile devices, backup files, and stream UHD 4K video contents without performance stutter.

Reliable and secure data storage on your personal cloud with easy access online
Support for JBOD, RAID0 and RAID1.
Easy to setup, maintain and organize
RAID 1 read/write performance at 105/105.8 MB/s