YOWBAND No-Bounce High-Impact Adjustable Breast Support Band-Extra Sports Bra Alternative



Are your always wearing two bras in the way of your sport and lifestyle movements But now,you never wear two bras again ! The Yowband is the ultimate athletic support band to prevent your breast bounce,which is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. In order to achieve the best wear comfort experience,the Yowband adopted the material of 30% Polyester/ 20% Elastane/50% Nylon combination, softer than cotton and microfiber. the Yowband will provide all-day comfort without hurting your boob. Designed to fit all breast sizes, the stretchy material of Yowband gently hugs and wrap your breast. Why the Yowband The cause of breast pain caused by exercise is mainly derived from two kinds of movement in lateral and vertical direction. Lateral movement can be eased by wearing tighter exercise underwear, but the vertical movement is unaffected by the degree of tightness and pulling of the underwear.But Yowband can be by reducing the vertical and horizontal movement to maximum prevent breast Cooper’s ligament damages and sagging. 1.Studies have shown that wearing regular underwear for exercise only reduces the breasts bounce by 38%.2.If wearing sports underwear, can reduce the breast more than 50% of the shaking. 3.Surprisingly, wearing sports underwear and yowband can reduce the shaking by more than 78%. SIZE: Small: 85cm in length (to fit dress size 4-8). Medium: 95cm in length (to fit dress size 8-14). Material: 30% Polyester/ 20% Elastane/50% Nylon.

Earn its spurs in the field of post-op breast surgery/augmentation recovery. Provide compression to the surgical area after breast lift surgeries, breast reconstruction, breast reduction and breast implant surgery.
Improve posture – Great for pregnant or breastfeeding mums too; protect your delicate and changing breasts.
Softer breathable materials, more comfortable- Covered in high elasticity fabric that is mild, quick-drying and chafe-free. Offer more enjoyable sports experience. Wear it with your t-shirt, bra or nursing bra for extra comforts and supports.
Adjustable design- Extremely easy to pick up your own suitable sizes and enjoy the perfect fit. Two stages, small: 85cm in length (fits dress size 4-8). Medium: 95cm in length (fits dress size 8-14).