Yaesport Speed Harness Trainer Power Sled Workout Harness, Tire Pulling Harness, Football Workout Equipment Sled Harness Pull Strap Resistance Training Team Sports Speed Agility Training Kits



Color: black.

Material: stainless steel,Nylon webbing.

harness waistline max 46”;
vest height: 16.5”;
resistance band length:62.5″;
Bearing Weight: at least 150lbs.

1x durable harness vest;
1x 62.5″resistance band;
3 hooks.

Suitable sled harness, perfect for pulling a tire, sled, resistance training, team sports speed agility training.

The shoulder resistance harness is a simple way to build explosive power and speed in the lower body
Quick and easy set up
Simply put on the harness, secure the buckle, and have a partner create resistance
Speed resistor is designed to increase the development of power in muscles through natural way.
One person holds the straps to provide load while other works on speed.