Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads | Organic Bamboo Round Breastfeeding Pads | Medium (10cm) | 14 Pack with 2 BONUS Pouches & FREE E-Book by EcoNursingPads | Perfect Baby Shower Gift



EcoNursingPads: Nursing Pads That are Good for Mother, Baby, and The Environment We make nursing pads for breastfeeding and pumping mothers. We strive to use the best materials and create the best fits, with the most discrete shaping, to make and experienced mothers feel secure in choosing EcoNursingPads brand breast pads and products for mother and baby.Our reusable & washable round-shaped nursing pads are made from organic bamboo, which is known to be softer and more absorbent than cotton or disposable pads. EcoNursing brand pads are also designed with a protective outer layer to provide maximum leak protection for use day or night. They are ideal for both nursing and exclusively pumping mothers!Bethany Anne was the founder of EcoNursing, “I started this business out of necessity, I was looking for organic nursing pads that were also absorbent and I couldn’t find any. I know it can be hard and tiring looking after a newborn and I am hoping choosing EcoNursing Pads is one decision that will make your life easier. I am making these washable and reusable nursing pads available in varying shapes and material in hopes of making life better for you, your baby, and the planet!”

EcoNursingPads have been improved again to offer 3 different sizes: Medium (10cm), Large (12cm), and X-Large (14cm) in the thick and round Organic Bamboo. Our pads are so comfortable, effective and provide maximum absorbency to ensure no leaking on your bra or clothing.
14-IN-ONE PACK: We now offer our pads as a 14 pack (7 pair) of breast pads – 7 pairs of round organic bamboo pads – they are made of the softest, breathable, organic, sustainable harvested bamboo which is ecologically friendly and washable, making our pads the best for mom, baby and the planet. No more wasting time in disposable pads that are costly and wasteful!
COMFORTABLE & ULTRA-SOFT: Our pads have a custom-designed leak-proof backing, and are the best at preventing embarrassing leaks. Our pads are fully reusable and washable!
VERSATILE: Pads can be used with or without your favorite nipple creams for ultimate comfort.
PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWER GIFTS OR REGISTRY: Includes 7 fun colors in each pack with 3 BONUSES; an adorable cotton carry bad, net laundry bad