Trio Hand Chimes, Three Color Chimes Solo Percussion Instrument for Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Classroom Timer for School Teachers, Distance Learning Supplies for Kids, Hand Bells with Wood Mallet



Why Choose Us?
1. Children can learn simple music, and can also recognize common colors, such as red, yellow, and blue.
2. The color element is added to the chime, allowing your eyes and ears to relax and satisfy at the same time.
3. The mallet and the base of the chime are made of natural wood, the high-quality aluminum alloy and anodized treatment create a beautiful metal tube.

What does it do?
1. At home, play games with children to learn simple tones and colors.
2. In the classroom, its soothing sound can calm students down and attract their attention.
3. When you are in Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, its pleasant sound can make you better immerse in it.
4. It can be used in small meetings, but if it is a meeting of hundreds of people, I don’t think this is a good choice.

Chime size: 6.93*3.15*1.22 inch / 17.6*8.0*3.1 cm
Mallet size: 7.72*0.94 inch / 19.6*2.4 cm
Package size: 8.35*4.25*1.61 inch / 21.2*10.8*4.1 cm
Chime weight: 0.55lb / 250g
Mallet weight: 0.03lb / 13g
Package weight: 0.68lb / 311g
Material: Wood, Aluminum alloy
Sound duration after hitting: More than 5 seconds

You Will Get:
1 Pcs Hand Chime
1 Pcs Mallet

It is not a professional musical instrument, but it can make a pleasant sound, which allows adults to quickly enter a state of meditation, and allows children to quickly calm down.
The sound it makes is enough to attract the attention of students in class, but it cannot play a big role in meetings of hundreds of people.
It can create an atmosphere in family evenings and parent-child activities. If you love yoga and pray and meditate frequently, then this is a good choice.