To Have and Have Another Revised Edition: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion



Ernest Hemingway was both a great writer and a notorious drinker-facts that seep through the pages of his novels with each cocktail his characters consume.
InTo Have and Have Another Hemingway enthusiast and cocktail connoisseur Philip Greene delves deeper into the author’s drinking habits than ever before, offering recipes for drinks directly connected with the novels and the author as well as anecdotes about the man himself. With this cocktail companion, now revised and expanded to include more classic recipes and fascinating details, you will be able to fully enjoy Hemingway’s works beyond the limits of the imagination. Pick up this book and taste how ‘cool and clean’ and ‘civilized’ Frederic Henty’s Martini was in A farewell to Arms, or sip a Bloody Mary, a drink rumored to be name by Hemingway himself!

‘One cup took the place . . .of all the things he had enjoyed and forgotten and that came back to him when he tested that opaque, bitter, tongue-numbing, brain-warming, stomach-warming, idea-changing liquid alchemy.’ Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls
‘Might be the next best thing to drinking with Hemingway.’Imbibe
‘ A n off-beat and worthy addition to the Papa bookshelf, especially for the imbibers among us.’The Florida Book Review