T&B 6 inch Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer White Acrylic for Spice Rack Table Cake Kitchen Pantry Decorating



Classic tool for making ‘things’ more convenient to access and easier to use, Rotates 360 degrees for easy access, Made of durable Acrylic.

How it works?

6″” diameter, supports up to 15KG.
Built-in anti-slip rubber bumper for kitchen pantry, display glass curio cases, prized collection, TV, table lamps or arts & crafts projects etc.,

For display glass curio cases,Improve access to kitchen items, swivel serving dishes, rotate house plants for even sunlight; Stores and organizes spices, condiments, toppings, ingredients and small bottles or containers


This product is sold exclusively by T&B INC. Buy only the authentic products from T&B and get 6-month WARRANTY.We have a full refund for the dissatisfied buyer.Please feel free to purchase

★ Lazy Susan turntable rotates for easy access
★ Supports up to 15KG,Steel ball bearing for rotation long lasting
★ Made of durable acrylic; Color – Transparent
★ Multifunctional – Could be used as lazy Susan, turntable, spice organizer, TV stand, cake decorating,heavy plants etc.,