Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Car Safety Hammer (2-Pack Glow-in-Dark), Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter for First Responders and Roadside Safety Kits



For use by emergency rescue personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and safety conscious drivers to escape vehicle during emergency situations where doors have been rendered inoperable.

Tungsten Steel Spike
Ultra hardened carbon tungsten steel spike for instant windshield shattering. Heavy duty simple construction ensures device will not malfunction during life threatening emergency like multi-function spring loaded glass breakers might.

Seatbelt Cutter
Integrated seat belt cutter with razor-sharp stainless blade allows quick cutting of seatbelts or wires to facilitate escape in road accident or rescue situations.

Protective Cap
Protective cap reduces chance of accidental injury or puncture from sharp tip and protects from injury while carrying in pocket or keychain.

Easy Vehicle Mounting
Store in glovebox, door holder, or middle console. May be attached with zip-tie or velcro to convenient access points.

Ideal Safety Gift
Essential tool in any automotive emergency kit. Don’t go on a road trip without it! Each car hammer in our one or two-pack comes packaged in its own separate premium gift box!

1) Pick Suitable Window
Pick any of the door windows from either the driver’s side or the passenger side of the vehicle. The front and rear windshields are heavily laminated and will not shatter as easily. 2) Target the Corners
Use the pointed spike of the hammer to strike the four corners of the window, swinging as with a regular hammer. A couple hard strikes are sufficient to start the cracking. 3) Knock Out & Cleanup
Now use your foot or other object to kick out the middle of the window. Use hammer to scrape away any remaining glass from the edges of the window. Use caution while exiting the vehicle.

SAFETY HAMMER: Dual-headed safety hammer made with hardened Tungsten Steel to break car windows
SEAT BELT CUTTER: Strong grip and sharp blade for easily cutting through a seat belt
ALL-IN-ONE SAFETY: Includes flat head hammer, pointed spike, protective cap, and seat belt cutter
SWISS SAFE QUALITY: Built for emergency situations and trusted by businesses & field professionals
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Full refund offered if not 100% satisfied with product for any reason!