Sweat GUTR Unisex-Adult Flex FLX10-P



The newest addition, SWEAT GUTR FLEX, features a low-profile, easily-adjustable, elastic closure. The refined sweatband has a longer channel, uses a softer polymer, and is available in several color options. Like its predecessor, flex fits smartly under all kinds of head gear-cycling, hard hats, military and a wide range of sports helmets. It’s not made of fabric, so it will never saturate. This is the ultimate sweatband.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: GUTR headbands continuously channel dripping sweat away from eyes and glasses to keep your vision clear from distractions.
LOW-PROFILE: GUTR fits smartly under most helmetsperfect for cyclist, construction workers, and soldiers. GUTR’s thin, minimalist design covers the smallest amount of your head, maximizing ventilation for more effective sweat evaporation and cooling.
COMFORTABLE FIT: The adjustable elastic closure allows you to achieve the perfect fit. Once set, it is ready to go every time. One-size-fits-all.
NEVER QUITS: GUTR performance sweatbands are not fabric, so they will never soak, saturate, or quit.
LOW-MAINTENANCE: Lightweight and easy-to-clean, GUTR can be rinsed with water and stored for the next use.