Supla 96 Sheets 16 Colors EVA Foam Handicraft Sheets 2mm Thick Craft Foam Sheets 9″ x 6″ Assorted Colorful Crafting Sponge with Stencils Ruler Scissor for Classroom Party Kids Art & Crafts Projects



Dimensions: Each EVA Foam Sheet measures appr. 9″ x 6″ with 2mm thickness. Perfect for your DIY craft projects, just cut to size and work your magic! The plastic stencils are appr. 2.6″ in length and 5.7″ in width. The ruler is appr. 6.2″ in length and 1.2″ in width.
Color: The Craft Foam Sheets come in an assortment of attractive, bright colors, including black, grey, white, red, orange, yellow, hot pink, purple, lavender, tan, light salmon, royal blue, azure, sky blue, powder blue and green.
Material: EVA Foam Sheets have a soft, spongy texture that makes them easy to be trimmed to any shape with scissors or decorated with glue, glitter, markers, foam paint, foam shapes, foam stickers. These lightweight, non-toxic foam sheets are safe for using.
The EVA Foam is a versatile material for a wide variety of art and craft projects! It is perfect for making decorative posters, bulletin boards, DIY greeting cards, DIY gifts, photo frames, picture frames, scrapbook embellishments, magnets, door hangers, signs, or cutting into decorative patterns and stick on top of other mediums. The key is simply to use the imagination, where your creativity dictates.