Sonorest Sleep Tones | Sound Machine for Tinnitus Sufferers | Pink, Brown and White Noise | Creates Relaxing Environment to Mask Ear Ringing | Portable for Convenient Use



From the makers of Lipo-Flavonoid, Sonorest Sleep Tones was designed for tinnitus sufferers’ sleep needs and is intended to create a tranquil, soothing environment to help them relax and fall asleep. This tabletop sound machine produces a range of tones in the white-pink-brown spectrums so the user can select the tone that is most beneficial in helping to create environments more conducive to sleep or relaxation. Background, low-level, neutral sounds can help to partially block the intensity of ear ringing for easier rest. Experts recommend adding nonintrusive, non-stimulating, and easy-to-ignore sounds to your sleep environment like those provided by Sonorest Sleep Tones to ease perceptions of tinnitus. Research has shown that some noise spectrums or “colors” are better than others for this purpose. For instance, there is evidence that white, pink and brown noise can help reduce the difference between background and “peak” sounds like the buzzing or hissing of tinnitus. Sonorest Sleep Tones provides you with options for each of these sound spectrums as well as controls to help you find the right tone and volume to help ease the disruption caused by ringing in the ears.

TABLETOP SOUND MACHINE: features 3 distinct sound spectrums (white, pink and brown) that can help reduce the difference between background and tinnitus sounds.
BACKED BY RESEARCH: experts recommend adding low-level nonintrusive noise to your sleep environment to ease perceptions of ear ringing.
CUSTOMIZABLE: tone control to adjust pitch and frequency, volume control to modulate the machine’s loudness.
BACKGROUND NOISE: can be used anytime to create comfortable background sound when concentration is required, during difficult periods of the day, or all day.
CONVENIENT: operated with a USB power input for home and battery backup for easy travel.