Sodafall fizz saver soda bottle dispenser for seltzer water/club soda/sparkling water and soda pops (Red)



Sodafall Soda Dispenser keeps sparkling water carbonated until the last drop, so you can enjoy a bubbly beverage even weeks after opening the bottle. There is no need to buy small cans and bottles anymore that are expensive. You can save money when you buy the 2-liter bottles and use our dispenser with them. Our dispensers are made in Hungary where soda water production has been around since the 19th century. They are very durable, and we guarantee they will last for a long time. * VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! * Dispensers will not work well if you don’t follow the steps. Many times, people do not remove the plastic ring that remains when they unscrew the bottle lid, so they think the dispenser did not work!

Dispensers fit and can be used on any plastic soda bottles.Different colors can be used for different designs and occasions. Have fun with serving your favorite bubbly beverage! Visit our Instagram page for fun ideas: @sodafall.official