Snowdrops in Spring: A Tale of the Sleeping Beauty


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Princess Emilia Vertius has spent most of her life in a secluded cottage hidden deep in the Kingswood. Despite a curse looming over her, she loves exploring the forest and spends her time painting and sketching everything nature has to offer. One brisk spring morning, Mia finds herself hopelessly trapped in a poacher’s snare. When rain starts to fall and she begins to lose hope of escape, a stranger finds her, cuts her bonds, and helps her home, threatening all the secrets she’s spent her life trying to keep.

Left with debts after his mother’s death, Luc Stone works hard as a huntsman for the palace, counting down the days until he can afford to buy land of his own. After he rescues a mysterious young woman in the forest, she offers to teach him how to read, changing his life forever. Everything about her is perplexing, from her pet owl to her contempt of wearing shoes. The more time he spends with her, the more Luc realizes that his plans for the future are missing one crucial element—someone to share it with.

As the spring and summer pass, Mia keeps her identity from Luc, despite her growing feelings for him. When the king shows up at the cottage and insists she marry a foreign prince, Mia must challenge her father, court tradition, and the curse if she wants to be with the man she loves.

Author’s note: This book contains descriptive adult scenes. This is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.