Skeleteen Irish Plaid Green Kilt – Scottish Green Pleated Costume Tartan Skirt Kilts Clothing for Men and Women



Skeleteen Irish Kilt is perfect for any celebratory occasion. With this Kilts plaid skirt and wool fabric, any man or woman can wear this at a party or march. The royal green color and black pin at the side of the skirts hip it is sure to be well secured around anyone that wears them. Men and woman wear this in the highland Irish land and march for the running national celebration for all youth to see. Not only can this Irish Kilt be good to express celebration, but female and male can have this skirt at any costume themed party. Toddler, girls and boys can also enjoy the plaid knee length skirt in school parties as well. This Kilt is a way for any womans to rock the battle of who came better dressed at any party. Watch how Irish sports wear the Kiltman skirt to games and band marches to celebrate the Irish colors.Schoolgirl and ladies can wear this miniskirt with its checkered pattern and perhaps some suspenders as well. Anyone can look good in it even cloths that fit a nerd. Kids will wear this at school to symbolize scottish uniform. In any Irish celebratory occasion whether in sports, school, or at any costumes part this Irish Kilt mini plad skirt could be anyone’s best choice.

Skeleteen Celtic Womens and Mens Green Plaid Kilt is ideal for dressing up for St Patricks Day.
The mini Kilt is 20″ long and has an adjustable waistband of 34″ to 41” and has a Velcro closure.
Complete the costume with formal jackets, a sporran, a bagpipe, and a beret hat with a pom pom tip.
This is a great costume for Halloween, St Patrick Day, or a Scotland and Ireland themed party.
Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.