QuikTea Tea Latte, Ginger Chai, 960 Gram (Pack of 4)



QuikTea Ginger Chai bring an invigorating flavor of ginger blended with Darjeeling teas completed with milk and sugar. It brightens your day and put smile on your lips along with providing health benefits for ginger in your cup of tea.

ALL NATURAL: At QuikTea we pride ourselves on producing teas that contain no preservatives and are all-natural so you can enjoy the health benefits of our teas the way nature intended.
CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT FLAVORS: Quik Tea offers a wide selection of teas that are sure to be a hit with family, friends and co-workers. There is a flavor to suit everyone’s taste, mood & craving.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Our tea packs make a great gift for just about anyone and is perfect for tea lovers as it allows them to explore new flavors and find a new favorite!
COFFEE ALTERNATIVE: Kick your coffee habit! Our teas help to elevate the mood & satisfy your craving when you’re running on empty. Enjoy a tasty treat while sticking to your health goals.
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