Power Grip Carving Tools Five Piece Set


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It is a type that is suitable for hobbies and teaching materials, with reduced prices. Please hold it like holding a pencil. Includes: Round 3 mm 6 mm, Kiwa 7.5 mm, Soto 7.5 mm, Triangular 4.5 mm (5 pairs). Mikisyo Hamono Honpo Co., Ltd manufactures sculptures, gardening blades, kitchen knives and wood sculpture materials including scissors. The company name Mikisyo Hamono contains the desire to spread the good Hamono of Miki City, the “town of Hamono”, to the world. We are delivering products nationwide with confidence from 1927 to the present. Mikisyo’s chisel delivers the best sharpness with the best materials as a cutlery maker. In addition, our company consistently manufactures from the blade part to the handle part at our own factory, we manufacture and plan wood sculpture materials making full use of that technology. Mikisyo Hamono Honpo Co., Ltd was founded in 1919 in Akira Nagaike, a founder of Miki-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, as a manufacturer of swords. Founders who are small swordsmiths were good at deforming iron freely, such as forging and forge welding, so many knives were manufactured according to customer’s needs. In the second generation era, Mikisyo Hamono Honpo Co., Ltd started “Production of gardening knife” from the trend of the times and attention to the second generation bonsai. Also, making use of the technology of small blade forge, we began to “manufacture engraving knives”. The Tokushima Branch was established in Nishi-gun, Tokushima Prefecture in May 1972, and a wood carving store was opened in Hanshin Department Store in June 1988. Currently it develops to each home center and famous knife blade hardware garden shop nationwide, and it became a comprehensive manufacturer of handmade goods. Please experience the quality of Mikisyo’s chisel.

Set of 5
Material: Special full surface double layer steel
Mikisyo Hamono Honpo Co., Ltd is a Japanese cutlery manufacturer.
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