PinchNot Home Shield for Rear Side of Door – Guard for Door Finger Child Safety. by Carlsbad Safety Products



The PinchNot Rear Shield is a child safety / baby safety / door safety device, aka a door guard or door shield, that prevents finger injuries on the hinge-side of the door. Door safety shields are referred to by several synonyms, including door finger guards, door pinch guards, finger guards for doors, finger pinch guards, door hinge guards, finger shields, door hinge protectors, door finger protectors, or finger door guards. Sometimes these names are preceded by the word “child” – e.g., child finger guard, child door guard, child door finger guard, child door finger protector, or just child door finger protection. Regardless of the name, the objective of a finger guard for door is always the same – achieving child door safety. A finger door guard (also called a door finger guard) should be installed in any area where toddlers or young children come into contact with hinged doors. A door finger protector provides protection to little fingers, and peace of mind to parents. The Home Rear Shield is 68 inches in length and fits the rear side of a residential door . The Home Rear Shield does not inhibit the normal operation of the door. It is quick and easy to install, with no tools or screws required. The stretch-release adhesive strips facilitate removal, if and when removal is desired. The patented folding design allows compact packaging and reduced shipping costs. This low-priced model is perfect for the home! (For commercial applications, the PinchNot “Pro” model is recommended.) This product is the leader in the finger pinch guard market. Protect finger at door jambs by utilizing our door frame guards and never worry about child door safety or child proofing your doors again. Other descriptive terms: door safety for kids, kids safety, baby door safety, door safety baby, door safety child, door safety devices, door safety for toddlers, door safety for baby, door safety guard, safety kids, door safety toddler, kid safety, baby proof door, child proof door.

Provides complete finger protection at the rear-side of the hinge-side of the door.
Allows normal operation of the door.
Easy and quick installation, with no tools or screws required.
Stretch-release adhesive strips facilitate removal when desired.
Patented folding design allows compact packaging and reduced shipping costs.