Pet Supplies Special Thermal Transfer Flower Transfer Pet Traction Belt Collar Set,XS



Product material: polyester
Product Name: Thermal Transfer Flower
Product color: leaves
Product size: XS: 2.0cm wide, 23-30cm length S: 2.0cm wide, 31-41cm length M: 2.5cm wide 42-48 length L: 2.5cm wide, 49-55cm length, XL: 2.5cm wide, 56 -62cm length
                   Traction rope: XS/S: 2.0cm wide, 110cm long M/L/XL2.5cm wide, 120cm length
Remarks: Every corner that you walked with me is happy.

1. Manual lane, strong pull.
2. Alloy fasteners, strong and not easy to rust.
3. The pull wheel can be equipped with a rope or a dog tag.
4. Adjust the buckle. You can adjust the size of the dog ring at any time.
The collar is handmade. The nylon and cotton materials of the dog collar are comfortable and do not cause damage to the dog’s skin or skin.