Pet Craft Supply Jiggle Giggle Puffin & Parrot 2 Pack Funny Giggling Sound Wiggly Shaking Tug Fetch Soft Chew Plush Dog Toy



We double dog dare ya… Give it a shake! The Pet Craft Supply jiggle giggle Puffin & Parrot 2 pack is double the giggling fun. These perfectly plush large dog toys are perfect for shaking, fetching and cuddling. Featuring long wiggly extremities and a hilarious giggling sound, These plush dog toys are sure to entertain dogs of all ages. Perfect for large to Extra large dogs!., age range: All StagesMaterial: cotton

✅ JIGGLES & GIGGLES: Shake this toy to hear it giggle and see its wiggly extremities jiggle
✅ SUPER SIZED: Your dog is sure to enjoy all 1.5 ft of fun
✅ CUDDLE & PLAY: Soft plush and fun features make this toy perfect for shaking, fetching, and cuddling
✅ NON-TOXIC: Dog-friendly materials are non-toxic and odorless, ensuring these toys are safe for your four-legged friend
✅ CHEW LEVEL: Soft to medium
✅ SIZING: Great for medium to extra-large dogs