Paul My 4W LED Light Bulb B22 Bayonet Adjustable RGB Color Changing Bulb with IR Remote Controller for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom New Product



Package Included: 1 x B22 Light Bulb
1 x IR Remote Control(Not Included the battery)Specifications: Bulb Specifications: B22
Power: 4W
Four settings to match your style:
Flash: Jumps to a different color every second
Strobe: Turns Red, Green and Blue on and off in fast sequence
Fade: Gradually fades through each color in the spectrum
Smooth: Gently switches from Red, Green and Blue
Remote Controller Power Supply: 1 x 3V Lithium Battery CR2025 (Not Included the battery) Color: White
Light Bulb Shell Material: Aluminum
Remote Control Size: Approx. 51x85x6mm/ 2.01×3.35×0.24"
Light Bulb Size: Approx. 60x110mm/ 2.36×4.33"Features: As a LED light bulb with adjustable brightness, it can be installed on ceiling and wall and be used as night lamp by adjusting the brightness to the minimum when you sleep
Use as a standard B22 LED light bulb in living room, dining room, bedroom, playroom, restaurant, hotel, bar, etc. Lighting your life
This amazing energy-saving light bulb lets you change the color and atmosphere of any room at the touch of a button
Easy to use, only one remote is needed to control all bulbs in your home
With the remote control, you can switch the bulb on or off, change the color, change to pure white light or change the light intensity altogether

Number of LED Chip:Other
Average Life (hrs):30,000 hours