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Oogiebear – The Safe Baby Nasal Booger and Ear Cleaner
How we got our start:
oogiebear was invented by a mother and registered pharmacist with a doctorate degree after enduring several cold and flu seasons with her three children. She created oogiebear after realizing that there were no other baby booger removers available to help parents get rid of their babies dry, crusty, stubborn boogies.
Why oogiebear:
Dried-up crusty boogers can disrupt babies’ regular breathing or interrupt their sleep, and tacky ear wax buildup can cause discomfort. oogiebear allows parents to safely remove them both and restore air flow while simultaneously soothing their baby.
What makes oogiebear unique:
oogiebear is the only two-in-one baby nose and baby ear cleaner available, which makes it a baby gadget must have. The ears on the patented bearhead design act as a safety device so that it never goes in too far or pushes ear wax and mucous further into tiny noses and ears.  
Remove boogies like a pro:

  1. Use the scoop end to gently scrape away dry snot or hard ear wax.
  2. Use the the loop end to pull out sticky mucous. 
  3. Clean, store and reuse again.

Why moms and dads love oogiebear:
oogiebear is an award-winning medical device made of BPA-free and latex-free materials that allows parents to quickly and efficiently clean their infant’s tiny nose and ears at home or away without worrying about causing discomfort or pain.
Keep your baby happy and reduce your carbon footprint:
oogiebear is reusable and will as long as your baby needs it. It replaces disposable cotton swabs and wipes and doesn’t require saline like conventional nasal aspirators or syringe bulbs.
BEAR-ABLE SAFETY AND COMFORT – oogiebear’s special rubber scoop and loop are gentle enough for sensitive little noses and ears and firm enough to clean quickly and effectively while the patented bearhead design ensures it never goes up too far.
DUEL ENDED DESIGN – As the only 2 in 1 baby ear and nose cleaner on the market this baby gadget is among parents’ top baby essentials for infant registry. The scoop end removes dried boogers from a newborn’s nose or clean ears and the loop end lassos sticky snot.
OOGIEBEAR ANYWHERE – oogiebear is lightweight and easy to clean which makes it a handy infant snot remover for home or on the go.
NEVER SUCK AGAIN – While Nasal aspirator bulbs and other nose suckers for baby can push boogers further into the nose, oogiebear is simple to use and clean no infant saline drops or aspiration tube required.
DOCTOR DESIGNED MOM TESTED – Created by a registered pharmacist and mother oogiebear is made to help your infant breathe easier and sleep easier which makes for better health and more smiles for babies and parents alike.