My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Toys Ultimate Equestria Collection 10 Figure Set Including Mane 6, Princesses, and Spike The Dragon – Kids Ages 3



Imagine magical adventures across ponyville, canterlot, and the crystal empire with my little pony friends! Inspired by the animated television series, my little pony friendship is magic, the ultimate equestria collection includes 10 popular pony characters: twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, fluttershy, rarity, applejack, spike the dragon, princess celestia, princess luna, and princess cadance figures. Ultimate equestria collection ponies have long, soft hair and each of the 3 princess dolls come with a removable tiara accessory. The mane 6 and royal princess toys stand at 6 inches tall. Inspired by entertainment, the adorable spike the dragon figure is shorter than his pony friends at 4 inches tall. This 10-pack collection set is a great introduction for my little pony beginners ages 3 and up to grow new friendships within a beloved brand, and for fans looking to collect some of their favorite characters.

Features 10 Characters From My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, rarity, flutter shy, applejack, spike the dragon, princess celestial, princess luna, and princess cadance figures.
Each pony has a soft, colorful mane and tail for kids to play with. Comes with 3 removable princess tiara accessories.
6-inch tall pony toys are sculpted with fun poses and their signature cutie marks. Spike the dragon figure is 4 inches tall.
Dolls inspired by the looks of beloved characters from the animated television series. Imagine adventures across equestrian!; Recommended Age: 3 Years; Color: Multi Color
Collection makes a great holiday or birthday present for kids who are fans of My Little Pony: The Movie and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
Material: plastic; Dimensions- LxWxH: 114.3 cm * 609.6 cm * 355.6 cm; Is Battery Required: No; Is Battery Included: No; Whether Assembly Required: No; Skills: Social and Emotional Growth
Included Items: Includes 9 Pony Figures, Dragon Figure, and 3 Tiaras.; Number Of Pieces: 10