Multi-Function Breakfast Machine – Three-in-One Fried Roasting Home Bread Machine Automatic Electric Appliance, Constant Temperature Baking, High Temperature Corrosion Resistance



Rotary temperature control: 100-230 degrees Celsius infinitely rotating temperature control, mechanical temperature control adjustment, uniform firepower, so that the food is evenly heated.
Rotating timing: 30 minutes of rotation timing, easy to control the baking time, to meet the baking time of different foods, let you easily master.
Separate frying pan: humanized design, the surface of the baking pan is made of high-quality non-stick coating with high-temperature resistance, which is more convenient to clean, healthy and environmentally friendly.
Three-in-one: set baking, frying, coffee in one, on frying + roasting + right cooking, breakfast is no longer the same, to meet your different needs.