Meinl Percussion FD22T-TF 22-Inch Tar With Synthetic Head, African Brown



Modern MEINL frame drums represent some of the oldest drums used in music stemming from the farthest reaches of the globe. Ancient frame drums were traditionally used for dance, celebration and various ceremonies by providing rhythmic foundations as well as overall presence, as meditative harmonic sound effects are easily achievable. The Tar frame drum from North Africa and the Middle East has a shallow 2.5″ depth shell and a thumb notch that allows for easy finger placement to execute pitch bending techniques and intricate rhythms played between both hands. These drums are typically struck with the fingers close to the edge where the drum naturally resonates to its fullest. This model of the MEINL Tar comes equipped with a True Feel synthetic head with a coated surface for warm musical tones. The lightweight and rugged Rubber Wood shells have outstanding acoustic properties with recessed lugs for minimal interference. Included is an allen wrench for tuning adjustments.

Hardwood shell: the hardwood frame of this drum produces a smooth sustain along with great dynamic and tonal range (measures 22″ x 2 1/2″)
Synthetic head: this hand drum is equipped with a synthetic head that provides great projection and resistance to harmful changes in weather
Thumb notch: the lightweight build of the frame along with a thumb notch makes this tar drum comfortable and easy to play
Add cultural sounds: the unique timbre of the tar drum is designed for traditional Middle Eastern styles but it may be used in contemporary music to add unexpected flavors