McDavid Basketball Reversible Knee Sleeves with HEX. Leg Compression Sleeve with Padding (Pair of 2)



McDavid HEX Reversible Leg Sleeves provide two looks in one with trusted, proven McDavid HEX protection that moves with you for ultimate comfort and confidence. The Reversible Sleeve design easily switches in seconds, allowing you to choose solid black or flip to Graffiti – a never-before-seen print design you can only get from McDavid. Advanced 9mm HEX Technology contours perfectly to the knee to protect without restricting movement, and extended length sleeves add superior fit and skin protection for basketball, football and other contact sports. hDc Moisture Management Technology ensures cool, dry odor-free performance; machine washable/dryable.

PATENTED HEX PROTECTION – Closed cell foam padding protects your knees from high impact activities and sports. 9mm Hex technology is a favorite among pro and collegiate athletes for its reliable durability.
MOISTURE WICKING TECHNOLOGY – Keep Cool & Dry with advanced hDc Moisture Management Tech.
ENHANCED FIT AND COMFORT – extended length of sleeve protects leg from scrapes and cuts, non-slip material stays in place and doesn’t chafe. Made for Basketball, but also perfect for Football, Volleyball and more.
COMPRESSES WITH CONFIDENCE – Warm muscles = happy muscles, happy muscles mean reduced fatigue and cramping, so you can go faster and stronger