Maymom Pump Parts for Spectra S2 Spectra S1 Spectra 9 Plus Breastpump Not Original Spectra Pump Parts Replace Spectra S2 Accessories and Spectra Flange. Inc Flange Backflow Protector Tubing (21mm)



This product is made by Maymom to fit spectra’s S1/S2 pumps in addition to spectra 9 and spectra M pumps. It is known that using the correct size of flange (breastshield) in breast pumping is the most important factor in achieving comfort and efficiency. Every mother was created differently. One or two sizes can’t fit all. This is why Maymom develops more than 12 sizes of flanges spanning from 13 mm up to 36 mm to fit the average mothers and those mothers who need special sizes (e.g. 13, 15, 17, 36 mm). Measure your nipple diameter first (do it after a pumping session), and then use the size selector of this listing to choose the size that is 1-2 mm larger than your nipple diameter measured AFTER a pumping session.
There are improvements of this flange over the original spectra design –
1. In addition to spectra’s duckbills, you can use Maymom’s valve/membrane system with this Maymom flange. You can also try other brands of duckbills/valve/membrane on this flange. The chances are that they will fit.
2. In addition to fitting Spectra’s backflow protector, you can use Maymom’s long stem, as well as short stem backflow protectors. You can also use Maymom’s tubing connector (sold separately e.g. ASIN B0033B9CZ2) to connect this flange to many other popular breastpumps on the market.
AFTERMARKET PARTS MADE BY Maymom. Not Original Spectra S2 accessories. INTERCHANGEABLE WITH SPECTRA PARTS. All parts are interchangeable with Spectra Pump Parts. Can be used with Spectra flange, Spectra backflow protector, Spectra valve, Spectra bottles and Spectra tubing.
USED WITH WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLES. Use this kit with Spectra bottles, Avent bottles, and Maymom wide mouth bottles. DOES NOT work with OTHER WIDE NECK BOTTLES (example: Lansinoh bottles, Dr. Brown Wide). CLOSED SYSTEM. No milk will enter the tubing or motor.
VARIOUS and WIDE RANGE FLANGE SIZE AVAILABLE: Maymom MyFit series of flanges offer 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28 mm, 30mm, 32mm size options. Maymom cares for each mom. You can find the flange that is the best fit for your pumping comfort and efficiency. Refer to size selection guide in product photo to choose the right size for you or consult a lactation consultant before purchase.
RETAIL PACK. Nicely packaged in sealed retail bag/container. All parts can be sterilized with water steam, microwave steam bag or boiling water. NO BPA. Tested by independent labs for safety.