Mass Suit Elite Series by Juke Performance – Professional Grade Athletic Training System – Full Body Resistance Exercise Equipment – Athletic Sports System for Football Basketball MMA Golf & Soccer



New Platinum Elite Series INCLUDES: 1 Mass Suit Apparatus 2 Knee Straps 2 Over the Shoe Straps 2 Handles 1 Mass Sports Bag. Bands 2 Heavy Strength Arm Bands 2 Medium Strength Knee Bands, 2 Medium Strength Leg Bands *Extra Knee bands can also be used as extra arms bands for greater resistance.

Enhance your speed, explosion, power, strength and endurance as an athlete. Get ripped faster. Become more explosive and improve vertical jump
Mobile Resistance Training – Train Anywhere Any Time with Removable Resistance Bands
Increase or Decrease Resistance by Easily Adding or Removing Clips and Bands on Your Own to enhance your power and strength
Total Body Resistance Training that will get you ripped faster in shorter time
Accelerated Training for all athlete..Football, Basketball, Hockey, Skating, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis and Swimming. Great for the Military too.