Martin Taylor’s Jazz Guitar Licks Phrase Book: Over 100 Beginner & Intermediate Licks for Jazz Guitar (1)



Martin Taylor’s Jazz Guitar Licks Phrasebook

If you’re looking for the most direct pathway to beautiful jazz guitar soloing – here it is!

Get ready to master the jazz guitar with over 100 jazz guitar licks carefully transcribed from Martin Taylor’s secret personal repertoire. 

  • Ever had to solo on a new jazz tune and wondered where to start?
  • Want to build a vocabulary of authentic jazz guitar licks that work perfectly, every single time?
  • Would you like to play effortless jazz guitar solos?

We all know that guitarists love theory, but what if there was an alternative to memorising complex scales and formulas?

What if there was a way to cut right to the chase and play authentic jazz without getting tied in mental knots?

When you learned to speak, you weren’t handed a dictionary and a grammar textbook were you?

You learnt your language by copying the words of your parents – gradually discovering their context and applying them on your own.

And because music is a language like any other…  learning to speak it is all about copying the right sounds.

So, it’s time to throw away the complex theory books and master the actual guitar licks played by a jazz virtuoso.

Just like any good phrase book, Martin Taylor’s Jazz Guitar Licks are carefully organised into vocabulary that fits the most common jazz soloing situations – from the shifting major and minor ii V’s of Autumn Leaves, to the cycling dominants and turnarounds of Rhythm Changes. Along with static Dorian licks to tackle vamps like So What and Impressions you’ll learn the perfect guitar licks for these essential jazz sequences:

  • Major ii V I progression
  • Minor ii V I progression
  • The I vi ii V (Rhythm Changes) sequence
  • Dominant chords moving in fifths
  • Static dominant (Blues) chord vamps
  • Static Dorian chord vamps
  • Minor blues

And more!

Martin Taylor’s Jazz Guitar Phrasebook – Here’s What You Get:

  • A organised bible of jazz guitar phrases
  • Over 100 jazz guitar licks distilled from five decadesof guitar virtuosity
  • A masterclass in developing motifs and perfect phrasing
  • A guide to rhythmic phrasing, variation and articulation to build whole solos
  • Live recorded audio examples from Martin Taylor’s own studio

When it’s time for your jazz guitar solo, you’ll never be stuck for something to say!

The Jazz Guitar Licks Phrasebook – Language That Stands the Test of Time

What most excites us about this book is that it distils 50 years of virtuosic playing experience into the essence of jazz guitar vocabulary. These licks quite simply underpin the jazz guitar language because they have been refined and polished for over five decades.

They just work!

If you’re ready to discover the most direct route to authentic jazz guitar soloing, without all the distracting theory – buy it now.