LST 6V/12V/24V Battery Tester Automotive Battery Meter Car Battery Voltage Load Tester Digital Analyzer



Available for all 6V 12V 24V lead-acid batteries, perfectly compatible with regular Flooded, AGM, Gel batteries, work fast and precisely.

Battery condition -Tell me whether it is good, charge necessary, deterioration or replace required, which tells you different conditions properly. In order to extend the life of the battery, this battery tester is thought to be a necessity.
Features with 3 sets adapter cable, which is designed for adapting to any methods of battery connection.
No need any batteries or chargers, this battery tester can provide continuous test with battery power without damage to battery, and the reverse polarity and over voltage protection make it to be ultra safe.
Ultra compact design, easy to read testing results, even a beginner can use this unit to analyze any 6/12/24 volt batteries healthy status quickly and accurately.