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What are Lawn Aerator Shoes?

Lawn aerator shoes are basically shoes that have spikes on the bottom that—in theory—help to aerate the lawn while you walk around the lawn doing yard work or mowing. The shoes aren’t necessarily shoes, but more like sandals you strap over your existing shoes.

What are Lawn Aerator Shoes advantages?

1.Easy-to-Use: Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes with X-strap technology, which holds your shoe snugly in your gardening boots.

2.One-Size-Fits-All Gardening Shoes.

3.The Velcro straps on your aeration shoes fasten with a hook and loop system, meaning you will not have to readjust every time you slip them on.

4.These plugger aerator boots come with strap assembled, so all you have to do is use small wrench to tighten the nuts that hold the spikes on the shoes and then slip them on and get to stepping!

5.Perfect for any yard whether your soil is sand or clay, your new aerator shoes will work to help you maintain your picture-perfect lawn.

Package includes:

 2 × shoes;26 × nails/spikes; 3 × Straps;1 × Wrench;


Wearing the lawn aerator shoes while barefoot is not recommended. The spikes may cause injuries.
During your first use, take small steps to test out the shoes. Once you’re comfortable, walk around as you normally would.
We recommend irrigating your lawn before using the aerator shoes.

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【Durable Spiked Sandals】 –Our aerators are made of a sturdy plastic base with good heel support, 13 heavy duty metal 2 inch spikes on each sandal, and 3 adjustable straps with strong buckles, designed to be highly anti-corrosive and durable. The shoes stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil, and an effective core aerator.
【Easy and Fast Assemble】–Aerating Shoes come with a FREE small wrench to make the installation extremely easy, you can use it to tighten the nuts that hold the spikes on the shoes. Once the spikes are on, then you can mount the straps in the best slots to fit your shoes.(The straps is already assembled in the best slots to fit your shoes.) Skip all the hassle of bulky, expensive equipment and just take a stroll through your yard!
【Adjustable Size】–Whatever your shoe size is, every pair of aerator shoes come with an adjustable Velcro strap for the exact right fit. Both men and women can use these handy shoes to make lawn maintenance a breeze!
【Affordable Solution】–Aeration shoes offer a better alternative over machine aerator gardening supplies. Since the lawn aerator spiked shoes is a new, more affordable way to achieve a lurch and green lawn and you can wear for hundreds of aeration cycles. Please feel free to contact us support if you have any problem.