Jumbie Jam JJ1058-GY Grey Steel Pan Kit – Beginner Steel Drum



The Jumbie Jam is by far the best quality and most authentic sounding beginners’ steel pan on the market. It’s the perfect gift to encourage classes of young children to make music together and explore the sounds of the Caribbean. It has also become popular with older and more advanced musicians looking to add a tropical twist to their lives. It’s named after the Jumbie, a mischievous spirit in Trinidadian folklore, and its fun feet and bright colours are sure to awaken every player’s impish creativity. The pan itself is made from premium steel and built to Panyard’s exact specification to ensure perfect intonation and playing ease. Each pan measures 40cm across and has a 6.5cm shallow skirt. When mounted on its stand, the whole assembly weighs just 2.38kgs making it very easy to handle. The stand adjusts to any height between 53-116cm and completely collapses down to allow for easy storage or transportation. The surface features eight labelled notes spanning a major scale from G4-G5.

Authentic Caribbean tone and excellent intonation
Pan diameter 40cm and skirt depth 6.5cm.Stand height can be adjusted to suit players of all ages and sizes
Eight labelled notes cover a range of an octave from G4-G5