Inno-Maker Raspberry Pi HiFi AMP HAT 25W Class-D Power Amplifier TAS5713 Expansion Board Audio Module for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Pi Zero Nichicon Capacitor (AMP HAT)



The Innomaker HiFi AMP Hat is the best optimized partner for RPI audio output, high-quality, highly efficient, up to 25W Class-D power amplifier for the Raspberry Pi. Just plug it into Raspberry and do some simple configuration, you can get a same high-class music player, but only pay 1/10 to 1/100 of the market price. This is a good choice to DIY your home stereo theatre or broadcasting system.

Note: The Raspberry Pi will be powered by the Amp. It is not allowed to connect 5V to the Micro-USB port of the Raspberry Pi. Power supply is only one external 12-20V power supply that will be connected directly to the Amp.

Absolutely perfect to support all Raspberry Pi music player system, such as OSMC, Max2Play, RuneAudio, Volumio, Moode, Pi CorePlayer, Pi MusicBox, OpenELEC, Debian, Ubuntu etc. Support playing music from a hard disk or over the network. Support DSD over PCM(DOP) mode.
On-board TAS5713 is a 25-W Class-D digital-audio power amplifier for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers. Offers low distortion and acoustically accurate audio reproduction.
Accept a wide range of input data 8-Khz to 48-Khz, Up to 90% Efficient, Supports speakers 4 Ohm impedance allows you to enjoy high quality audio.
Comes with software, document and friendly technology support. For more information please refer to our wiki(view the link on color page comes with the goods).