I Destroy Silence: Funny I Destroy Silence Drummer Awesome Drumming Musician Themed Blank Notebook – Perfect Lined Composition Notebook For Journaling, Writing & Brainstorming (120 Pages, 6″ x 9″)



I Destroy Silence Journal & Notebook – 120 Pages Lined 6″ x 9″ This super cool drumming pun is perfect for anyone who loves making their garage explode with the sounds from their instruments! Perfect for anyone who is learning to drum or is an amateur drummer in a local band! Grab this awesome drummer’s quote as a gift for the person in your life who doesn’t stop making music no matter what time of the day it is! Any kids who are learning how to drum in music class will love this sarcastic drumsticks design! Empty lined notebook which is perfect as a diary, planner or journal and can also be used for gratitude listing, as a prayer log, or for idea gathering!