Hudson Hi-Fi Turntable Stylus Cleaner Vinyl Cleaning Gel Bubble | Vinyl Stylus Needle Cleaner for Turntable Record Player | Anti Static Needle Cleaner for Turntable Accessories



Hudson Hi-Fi turntable cleaning gel bubble for your record stylus. Resuable, safe and specially formulated, our vinyl needle cleaner is effective, effiecient, and easy to use with a difference you’ll hear.

⚡HEAR THE DIFFERENCE: The anti zerodust stylus cleaning action will enhance the audio quality of your turntable by improving the noise to sound ratio. For optimal results have the tonearm raised then lower it onto the vinyl record cleaner stylus gel three times.
⚡SAFE AND SPECIALLY FORMULATED: Our record player needle cleaner gel is specially formulated to not damage your equipment. Allows for safe handling with a proprietary formula while still delivering a zero dust cleaner job that compliments any record needle brush.
⚡REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our record stylus cleaner is reusable making our stylus cleaner turntable cleaning gel bubble a great addition to your record player accessories. To maintain the quality of your record cleaner stylus gel keep covered, out of direct sunlight, and occasionally wash with water and allow it to dry for 30 min at room temperature.
⚡Hudson Hi-Fi GUARANTEE: At Hudson Hi-Fi we stand by our products and offer a two-year warranty if anything happens to your stylus cleaner gel we will replace it at no charge to you. Simply contact Hudson Hi-Fi directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any issues or difficulties you encounter. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Hudson Hi-Fi.