HIFIMAN Sundara Hi-Fi Headphone with 3.5mm Connector Cable for Audiophiles, Planar Magnetic, Comfortable Fit- Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty




Frequency Response: 6Hz-75kHz

Impedance: 37 Ω

Efficiency: 94dB

Weight : 372g


Headphone Cable (1.5 meter or 4.9 Feet; 3.5mm plug)

Earpads:1 pair (on the headphone)

¼”(6.35mm) headphone adapter
HE400i packaging update

New headband design offering a separate head strap which allows for the headphone weight to be spread perfectly evenly over the wearers head. It delivers both a more comfortable fit but also a more eye pleasing look.
The all new Hybrid Headband gives a structure intended to be as practically street friendly, built to take the wear and tear of everyday life while looking great as it does it.
The Headphone cable attachment uses the standard 3.5mm socket which gives improved connectivity and is more physically robust connector too.
Extended Warranty: Get An Extra Three-Month Warranty