Hi-Fi For Low Dough: The Revolution In The Cost Of Hi-res Audio



Do you listen to music on your smartphone? Most people today are still listening to music in a format that needed to be compressed ten to twenty years ago, so people could trade music over the internet without it taking hours per song. Thanks to modern broadband internet speeds, you can now download songs that are higher quality than common music CDs. And you can play them on portable music players that cost less than $100.

Hi-fi For Low Dough will tell you all about the recent revolution in the cost of listening to, and creating, high-resolution digital audio files. So you can understand how we got here, this book first covers the history of MP3s, Napster, iTunes, and iPods.

Then, you are shown how to setup a real listening test between compressed iTunes music files, CD-quality digital music files, and the new high-resolution digital music files. You are then shown how to store and catalog your new music files and how to discover new music for free with the Spotify internet streaming service.

Finally, Hi-fi For Low Dough shows you how to record sounds and use them to create your own music using the latest Digital Audio Workstation software.

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