Handmade Shoes for Men



Without a doubt, custom-made shoes are a luxury for the feet. The authors of Handmade Shoes For Men have traced the trail of a traditional craft that remains vital today. Step by step they describe how elegant, handcrafted men’s shoes are made, from taking measurements of the foot to professional packaging. They present classic models such as Oxford shoes or slip-ons, provide tips for optimal care of shoes, and take a look behind the scenes of some of the most renowned shoe workshops throughout Europe. Special essays provide insights into the history of shoe fashion and the shoemaking craft, while excellent colour photographs illustrate each stage in the making of these works of art in leather. This book is tailor-made for anyone who values tradition and fashion and simply loves shoes. AUTHOR: Laszlo Vass, born in Budapest in 1946, is a shoemaker and footwear designer. In 1978, he established his own workshop. Today, the exquisite quality of the shoes made by Vass’ company has earned his workshop great renown throughout Europe. As the head of Vince Books, Magda Molnar has published art books and been active on the international publishing scene. SELLING POINTS: Elucidates the entire process of creating classic men’s shoes Explorations of related topics (the history of footwear trends, for example) Plentiful, detailed colour photographs document every stage of production 450 colour illustrations