Hamineler 36PCS Rotary Cutting Wheels Tool Kit, Mini Diamond Cutting Wheel and HSS Circular Saw Blades and Resin Metal Cutting Wheels Tools Wood Metal Stone Cutting




1.For your safety, wear gloves and goggles when using.

2.The screws must be fixed to the top before use to ensure that the screws are tightened. Prevent the saw blade from flying out during high-speed rotation.

3. When installed, the entire Mandrel Shank should be inserted to the end, as the electric grinding speed is pretty high, if you don’t, the shaft will get bent soon or the cutting angle will be off from center.

4. Do not cut the hard things, The cutting wheel is only cut along its edge, and the wheel is perpendicular to the material being cut when in use.

5.(1/8″ / 3.2 mm) mandrel as much as possible for small size saw blades.

6. In the selection of saw blade, the smaller your electric mill, choosing a smaller saw blade will be much stabler.

7.Cutting plastics requires very slow speeds; wood requires low speed cutting. If jitter occurs, increase the speed.

8.The cutting wheel will break under large pressure. The test can first be carried out on the waste.

The mini rotary tool is suitable for DIY projects and the home hobbyist.

For cutting, grooving and trimming

Package Include:

10 × Diamond Cutting Discs with 2PCS (1/8” /3mm) Mandrels

6 × HSS Circular Saw Blades with 1PCS (1/8” /3.2mm) Mandrel

1 × For Circular Saw Blades (1/4” /6mm) Mandrels

20 × Resin Cutting Wheels

2 × For Resin Cutting Wheels (1/8” /3mm) Mandrel