Guitar for Beginners: Discover How You Can Teach Yourself to Play Your Favorite Songs in as Little as 1 Week Even If You’ve Never Played Guitar in Your Life



Introducing How You Can Learn to Play The Guitar in as Little as 1 Week Without Spending Hours Learning Boring Music Theory!


Do you want to learn to play Guitar? Do you want a PRACTICAL way to learn by actually having fun and playing songs? Do you want to be playing your favorite songs in as little as 1 week?

 Instead of wasting hours learning boring music theory, why don’t you simply learn what you need and actually do what you bought the Guitar to do- PLAY IT! (Potentially Even on Your First Day!)

 That’s why we decided to write this book, that is geared towards the beginners out there, to help you learn the Guitar in a practical and fun manner.

My goal is to make playing music natural to you, so that your learning can be put on steroids and you can pick up the essential theory along the way!

 This is designed to be a fun and streamlined way of learning Guitar that contains plenty of practical exercises at each step of the learning process to make sure you’ll be playing your favorite songs in no time at all.

Also, you don’t have to sacrifice your life and give up everything else you enjoy, you can learn at your own pace in the way best suited to you and your lifestyle!

Here’s a slither of what you’ll discover…

  • Practical Exercises to Actually Make Learning The Guitar an Enjoyable Process (Instead of The Boring Slog it Tends to Be!)
  • The BEST and Easiest Way to tune Your Guitar by Ear (Someone Who’s Never Even Seen a Guitar Could do This!)
  • How You Can Potentially Play 100s if Not 1000s of Songs By Mastering Only These 3 Chords!
  • A Step by Step Practical Guide to Learning ALL The Essential Chords You Just Need to Know
  • 7 Secrets for Success as a New Guitarist!
  • 8 Beginner Guitar Mistakes Almost Everyone Mistakes and How To Make Sure You Avoid Them
  • How You Can Learn Music Theory as You Play The Guitar Instead of Boring Yourself to Death Learning The Useless Parts You Don’t Need!
  • How You Could Play Your First Song on Your First Day of Practice
  • An Easy, Yet Wildly Effective, Method for Mastering Chord Changes
  • Diagrams to Help Aid Your Learning Experience
  • 5 Must Know Guitar Scales for Beginners
  • BONUS Chapter That Gives You Must Watch Video and Tab Resources to Supercharge Your Learning Experience!

And that is hardly even scratching the surface of what’s inside! (And You Get ALL of That and More for The Price of a Few Cups of Coffee…)

 Even if you’ve NEVER picked up a guitar before, even if you have no idea what a major chord is and even if you’ve given up learning guitar 100 times before, this book shows you in a practical manner how you can finally learn to play the Guitar and actually HAVE FUN at the same time!

Oh, and on top of that this is the PERFECT Companion Book for anyone who’s receiving a Guitar as a holiday gift or for any other reason, it will actually help them learn the guitar rapidly!

 So, If You’re Ready to Have HOURS of Fun While Actually Learning How to Play The Guitar Then Scroll Up and Click “Add to Cart.”