Guesstures – Family Charades Game – Ages 8+



strong Gestures Game strong Get ready for hilarious, high-speed family charades when you play the Gestures game. Race against the clock as you try to get your team to guess the word on the card, and then grab the card before it drops into the game unit. Acting silly with the family has never been so much fun! strong Guessing Game Packed With Fun and Frenzy strong You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you play this high-speed Gestures game. Pop 4 cards into the Action Timer, set it, and then act out the word on each card as fast as you can. Your charades techniques have to be creative and convincing so that your team can guess all 4 words at lighting speed. But the frenzy doesn’t end there. When your team guesses a word, you have to grab the card before it gets “munched” by the Action Timer. Score points for each card you grab. strong 3 Levels of Play strong This laugh-out-loud Gestures game has different skill levels so that the whole family can join in on the fun. The cards are labeled as easy, medium, and hard, so you can choose your skill level. An easy-level word such as “wink” or “juggle” is the least challenging to act out and worth 1 point. The medium and hard levels have more challenging words such as “alligator” and “zigzag” and are worth more points. The team that scores the most points by quickly acting out and guessing the words on the cards wins! strong Tick Tock Don’t Let the Card Drop strong Get ready for some hilarious family fun! Pick your words, place the cards in the Action Timer, and get ready to start acting! Act out the word as quickly as you can so your team can guess it — but you’ve also got to grab the card before the Action Timer swallows it!

Hilarious family fun : Create teams and reign supreme
3 skill levels for everyone to play
Time’s ticking : Act fast while the action timer ticks
Hours of fun to enjoy : Game includes over 600 words to act out
Includes : 320 cards, Action Timer, label sheet & instructions
Ideal For: Christmas Presents, Family games night, birthday presents, kids parties, holiday entertainment, wet weather days, camping, gifts, special treats