Goody Two-Shoes: A Small Town Curvy Girl Romance (Juniper Creek Book 3)



When a goody two-shoes catches the eye of an older man, will she be brave enough to go after what she really wants?

I’ve always been a good girl.
But it was never enough to get my parents’ attention.
In fact, when they leave for the summer after my graduation, my best option is to stay with an old family friend and his surprisingly attractive son.
Before embarking on the life they have planned for me, I might as well have fun.
Tank Roberts is sexy, experienced, and sees something in me that no one else has.
Do I keep trying to fulfill my parents’ expectations, or do I go after the life I really want?

I didn’t always dream of being a small business owner, but I’m content with my life.
At least, until I lay eyes on Charlotte Lowry.
Juniper Creek isn’t big enough for the both of us.
She’s young, curvy, temptation incarnate, and living in my house.
Charlotte has every opportunity, and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t waste them.
Even though I don’t want to ruin her future, if I have anything to say about it, she’s going to be a part of mine.

Goody Two-Shoes is a short, sweet, steamy story featuring a strong, independent, curvy heroine and the man who wins her heart. It is the third in the Juniper Creek series but can be read as a standalone with no cliffhangers and a HEA!

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“I love love love a BBW story! When the sweet curvy girl gets the strong alpha guy? It’s enough to make a girl cry.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★

“Everything you need to keep you turning pages—hot, sexy men; steamy scenes; and some conflict thrown in. I cannot wait for what this author writes next.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★

“Just when you think C.L. Cruz has given you the best she could…she blows our minds out of the park with a new book.” 5-Star Review ★★★★★