Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit 30ml + 50ml / 3 to 5 Years of Gloss & Protection, Super Hydrophobic Professional Care Detailing 9H Hardness Pro Paint Automotive



Our best seller Ceramic Coating kit for cars, worldwide used by the most exclusive detailers.
Manufactured in France with highest standards.
✅ Protects your car and gives a CRAZY SHINE for 3 years with one layer and up to 5 years with 2 layers. Keeps your car clean longer with self cleaning effect and easy to wash simply with high pressure water.
✅ Easy application (just follow the instructions) Unique Gloss, Extreme Repellency and Highest level of protection (9H hardness) to prevent swirls and everyday marks
✅ Our High End products are worldwide used by the most exclusives detailers, just take a look on our website or social networks to see results on cars that are coated everyday! If you excpect exraordinary results, stop using average products…
✅ Appreciated by all supercar owners, read description below for more informations