Dreamegg White Noise Machine – Portable Sound Machine for Baby Kid, Noise Machine for Sleeping, Night Light, 11 Soothing Sounds, Volume Control, Child Lock, USB Rechargeable Sound Machine for Travel



Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine for Baby Adults

Are you a mother shusher?
Does your baby easily wake up by disruptive environmental noises? Are you tired of a screaming baby when you are having a trip?
Do you often struggle to sleep at night due to external noise? 

Tackle these problems with this Dreamegg D11 Portable Sound Machine for a better sleep and happier family!

Nature Sounds, White Noise and Lullabies
More sound choices means a greater possibility that you and your family get a better sleep. Pick the exact one, enjoy the soothing sound for sleepy atmosphere.

Portable Sound Machine, Take it Anywhere
Because baby doesn’t always sleep in the same spot. A white noise machine can be an important for baby’s sleep. The portable electronic sound machine fits exactly in the palm of your hand. It is small and light weight. Throw the baby sound machine in your diaper bag and take your baby’s sleep routine with you anywhere.

Sound Machine with Night Light
We listen to customers’ feedback. D11 upgrades the night light with adjustable light intensity, which is ideal for feeding in the middle of night. 

One Sound machine, So Many Uses
Not only a baby soother, but also a sound machine for your family. Put it in office or study helps you focus and get things done faster. Turn the noise machine, tune out the disruptive noises to relax yourself after a tiring day.

What’s inside 
1*Noise Machine (with built-in rechargeable battery)
1*USB Charging Cable
1*Baby-safe Clip
1*User Manual

HELPS SETTLE-IN & STAY ASLEEP – Trash trucks? Doorbells and deliveries? Turn it on to create peaceful sleep environment to help crying baby calm down and stay asleep. Choose from 11 soothing sounds including white noise, ocean sound, brook, lullaby, music box, shushing, vacuum cleaner, fetal tone , fair sound, cricket and fan sound. Fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer with this D11 portable sound machine
TRUE PORTABLE AND CORDLESS –  Small and lightweight makes it a perfect travel noise machine for baby on-the-go. We know good nap/sleep is the key to a successful trip with little ones. At just 3.4″ in diameter and 5.7 ounces, this small sound machine couldn’t be more convenient when you’re packing around so much stuff . It fits easily in a diaper bag or backpack and comes with a baby-safe clip that attaches to virtually anything.
CUSTOMIZED NIGHT LIGHT FOR NURSERY – We take into basically everything you could ever need for a smooth bedtime routine. Designed for babies and new parents, D11 features a night light with adjustable light intensity, which is ideal for mid-night feeding and warm hue help keep you and your baby in a sleepy-type mood. Option to stay on all night or stay pitch dark if you turn the light off.
MOM’S HELPER IN PARENTING – Sticking to a childhood sleep schedule is best, but no one teach us for how to do so. D11 is our hardest-working product, perfect for every greatest mom and dad. It is not only a sleep tranier sound machine for baby kids, but also gives mom more own time to do any stuff she likes. Realiable quality and 365 days warranty saves your worry in purchase. Contact us support@mydreamegg.com for any problems you might have and we will serve you in 12 hours.