DR Strings Bass Strings, Black Beauties – Extra-Life, Black, Coated, Tapered, 0-110



Black beauties black colored bass strings arent just about the sleek and sophisticated look. They feature a round core Wire and a stainless-steel wrap wire to maintain brightness and feel. All strings in the set are coated with a jet-black version of Drs K3 ultra-hard coating, delivering longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, and outstanding clarity and articulation.

EXTRA-Life has a super thin advanced
0003″ black coating on the plain strings and on the wrap wire—the thinnest coating DR knows of
Contemporary bass players, as well as bass makers, who demand a taper core string to enable modern bass playing techniques, will be delighted by the superior performance Taper Core bass strings deliver
Today’s 4, 5 and 6-string bass players searching for increased stability in the lower registers will find great clarity and definition with DR’s tapered bass strings