Downtown Pet Supply Washable Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Rug Pee Patch Mat for Dogs with Drainage for Easy Clean Potty Training (30″ x 40″)



Why Choose Synthetic Grass Mat Turf Rug?
HIGH QUALITY: Coated with SBR Latex, with a stitch rate of 140 stitches per meter, and a non-slip backing, our turf is entirely non-toxic, UV and heat resistant, and can withstand both freezing cold temperatures and the dog days of summer. Completely Latex free, our Synthetic Turf Mat is safe on even the most sensitive pet paws.
EASY TO CLEAN: Downtown Pet Supply’s Synthetic Turf Rug is designed to be washed and re-used endlessly. It includes drainage holes strategically spaced for maximum liquid run-off. Just take out the hose and rinse both sides of the mat with water. Let air dry and any odor will be eliminated.
PERFECT SIZE: Downtown Pet Supply’s Synthetic Grass Turf Mat is designed to fit anywhere inside or outside of your home. The 30” x 40” x 1.5” size is small enough to be easily movable, but large enough to use for a variety of activities.
MULTI-USE: You can deploy this Synthetic Grass mat anywhere! It has many uses beyond pet potty training. Use it as a mud mat to collect dirt before it gets tracked into your house. Deploy it near your swimming pool to quickly dry wet feet. Put it in your pet’s cage to make them feel more comfortable. You can practice your golf swing at home. Additionally, use it to bring life to any deck, balcony, or cement backyard!