diollo Manjeera Percussion Instrument Indian Brass Cymbals Handmade Cymbal Musical Hand Hindu Bhajans Kansa Mini Pure Bell Dia : 2.5 Inches



Manjira is known by numerous names like the jhanj, tala, mondira, (little size) kafi. Manjeera is fundamentally a lot of little cymbals and is an omnipresent part of move, music and bhajans. It is an old instrument seen on sanctuary dividers returning to the soonest of times which are generally made of metal. Manjeera is the most economical and simple to play Instrument, goes with a wide range of singing, particularly reverential.

The Manjeera comprises of a wooden edge with two long straight handles which associate with one another alongside two short wooden handles; the open space between the long handles has a wooden separator that isolates two columns of three (absolute of six) metal jingles.

It is made of two little copper plates integrated with a string. Hitting one against the other at its edge creates its piercing sound. The Manjira is a conventional Indian percussion instrument which has least difficult structure with pair of little hand cymbals. The instrument is utilized in different strict services of India, particularly bhajans – reverential tunes devoted to some Indian god or goddess.

Manjira is principally utilized during an exhibition of bhajans or ceremonial tunes and utilized alongside old style music in India. Manjira regularly goes with the move exhibitions too alongside other hefty Instruments. The tinkling and delicate metallic sound of the Manjira is lovely to hear.

Manjira is a straightforward side beat instrument regularly utilized in backup of Bhajans and different types of reverential music. It comprises of two little semi-tapered circles produced using metal, held together by a cotton string. The two circles are struck on one another musically to play various examples. The strokes have two principle sounds – open and shut. The pitch of the Manjira sound is reliant upon its width, weight and the nature of metal.

Made in great Brass
Width of every cymbal 2.5 inches
Joined with cotton string
Extraordinary tone and flexible. These are huge and LOUD, Handcrafted in India.