Dare To Be Magnificent: The Five Key Elements Of an Unshakable Extraordinary Life and Unlock Your Personal Power, Change Your Life & Thrive



You deserve to see, hear, feel and KNOW how you function at your absolute Optimum. It’s time to take control of the most powerful asset you possess and create the future that you deserve and desire. “Dare to Be Magnificent” Brings new tools and fresh perspective to help you reach the next higher level in your life. These are the five essential habits of living your best life ever. You won’t be read these pages. You will actively participate in the sculpting of your own precious identity and your beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. By doing these simple exercises, you will be rewiring your brain to direct your heart and body to feel and behave differently. You will be sculpting your nervous system to the specifications of your own design. You will create new neural pathways in your body and mind. Incorporate these five essential habits into your nervous system and you will alter your mindset, change your behaviors, increase your effectiveness and reshape your destiny. Joseph McClendon III is a practicing Neuropsychologist and an International Ultimate Performance Expert. "Joseph McClendon III is an amazing force for good and a must have experience for any and every one that desires to take their lives to the next level. For sure his dynamic style is mesmerizing but more importantly his methods and change." -Tanika Ray “Your life of Magnificence is awaiting you if you have the hunger to step into your greatness. I encourage you to allow Dare To Be Magnificent to help you reclaim your life to help you become the greatest version of yourself. ”-Les Brown"Joseph is one of the most passionate and playful guys I have ever met. This is a guy that applies every tool imaginable to improve his life and help others do the same."-Tony Robbins