Cubicle Mirror To See Behind You. Accessories For Office Desk. Computer Convex Monitor Rearview Security Mirror.



Why MaxiView?
CLEARLY SEE BEHIND YOU FOR PRIVACY WITH A HIGH DEFINITION REFLECTION. Large, wide angle and distortion-free peripheral vision alerts you to parents, roommates, co-workers or your significant other approaching so you can quickly change whatever you were looking at if necessary.
EASILY and QUICKLY INSTALLED. Simply use the included dual-sided adhesive to firmly attach the mirror to your desktop monitor or laptop screen.
PREMIUM QUALITY THAT LASTS. The superior materials used in the mirror and frame, and the level of workmanship deliver a very sturdy yet flexible mirror that will be there for you for years to come.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Try it and if for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied return it for a full refund.