Crown & Andrews Telestrations Party Board GameCard Game



Telestrations is the visual version of the classic “telephone game” where you draw what you see, then guess what you saw to reveal hilarious outcomes. Each player starts with their erasable sketchbook, marker and word card. A roll of the die determines each player’s secret word. The timer gets turned and everyone draws their word. After 60 seconds, everyone passes their book to the player on their left. Then each player takes a few seconds to guess in words(s) what they see and passes again. The timer is turned and everyone draws the guess. This continues until everyone’s sketchbook passes by every player and returns back to its original owner, where it’s time for The Big Reveal. Everyone shares their book and the hilarious miscommunication is revealed. The outcomes are unpredictable and the laughter is contagious.

Telestrations is the “telephone” game sketched out where your drawings
Cooperative game for 4 to 8 players
Standard game duration of 30 minutes
Suitable for children ages 8 years and above
Good for you to play with your friends