Cranium – Word Play, Sketching, Sleuthing, Acting, Show Off Your Talents – Family Board Games – Ages 16+



Be ready to draw on all your special skills — or those of your teammates — to win the whole-brain-teaser of the CRANIUM game! You’ll be amazed by your own talents as you draw, sculpt, reason, recognize words and sing or act out so your teammates can guess the answer! The aim is to circle the board victoriously, so the special fold-out board lets you decide whether to play a quick game of 30 minutes, a mid-sized game of an hour, or a full-sized, classic CRANIUM game. Whatever game you choose, you’ll use all your talents and discover new ones to win!

3-in-1 game board folds out in three different configurations so you decide how long you’ll play
4 categories: Sketch & Sculpt, Sleuth & Solve, Word Play and Act & Hum
CRANIUM game lets you and the family draw on your creative talents to circle the board
Shape the answer for your teammates to guess with the CRANIUM clay or draw on the notepads
Game Includes: game board, 600 cards, 10-sided die, tub of CRANIUM clay, timer, 4 movers & 4 notepads